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Book Cover Design

You have penned down a great book and looking for the best professional book cover design service in Bihar (India), then your search will end at Octopus Inc. We have years of experience and a brilliant creative team of designers who put their best to make your book a bestseller through attractive cover design.

 It is said that “Never judge a book by its cover”, but in reality, it’s the other way around. Your book cover does make the first impression on the potential readers and hence it’s important to convey the real essence of your book through a beautiful and captivating cover. No matter what your book is all about, its fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or novel? Whether it’s a journal, magazine, children stories book, recipes book, art book, educational books, comics, etc., we design for all. We will turn your publishing dreams into reality. 

There are free book cover templates available online but they may not convey the real message and theme of your book. Hence it’s always best to choose professional book cover designers who know how to design a book cover to communicate and convey the real message and theme to the target readers. So, explore with our team of professional designers who have knowledge and experience of combining simplicity, meaning, creativity and beauty into a cover that will do justice to the whole story and its theme.


Why choose Octopus Inc.?

– We not only show our Photoshop and graphic skills but we also make sure that there is a balance between images, texts, graphics, styles, colors, symbols, and information on the book cover.

– We know how to make the potential readers respond to the layout and typography of your cover and how to deliver the meaning of your book through its cover by doing research and observation.

– We design quality book covers by taking care of your budget and deadline.

 Your book cover acts as the marketing tool for your book, so be smart to choose the best professional book cover designers in the market i.e. Octopus Inc.

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