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Label Sticker Packaging Pouch Designing and Printing

Think of any Brand from any sphere. What do you see?

The picture that comes in your mind is the packaging of the product rather than the actual product, isn’t it?

That’s how much impactful the packaging Labels are. We often feel that these Labels are just a part of the packaging and do not really affect our business but the human brain identifies things by how it looks and if your packaging and the label are not attractive enough then the brain might not remember it.

Why do you think are the Labels usually filled with shiny bright colors? That’s because it is important for your label to look impactful and should leave an imprint of your brand/product on the mind of the person who even checks that out once. When we go to a store to purchase something while looking for our desired product, we keep checking other brands too, now what is crucial here is to have a packaging strategy which stays in the memory of the customer for a really long time and tempts the person to finally buy it. This can be evidently seen in the case of Kid’s products, Kid’s get attracted to anything bright or with a unique shape or with shiny labels and compel their parents to purchase it.




What works here is how eye-catchy the label is.

We, at Octopus Inc. provide you with the most affordable Label Sticker Packaging Pouch with no compromise in the Quality so that your brand image improves. We also seek to provide you the best of strategies for your business so that we both grow together.

We have tie-up with one of the best printing houses in Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata and can get you all kinds of labels printed in no time. One of the things that we personally feel very proud and happy about is that we support budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in both designing and printing their Label. We even print for small orders for the samples of new businesses. The size of the order does not matter to us, what matters is our long term commitment towards each other’s growth. We believe in having long term business relationship so we pay special attention to each order, big or small, local or international. Let’s create some impactful brand image and support each other while growing individually in our respective fields.

Label Sticker Designing and Printing for –

Agro Products
FMCG Products
Stationary and Utensils
Etc. etc.


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