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Invitation cards

Are you going to organize a party, an event or getting married? Wants to invite people with a dazzling invitation card? Searching for a top invitation card designing and printing company in Bihar, India? 

Stop here and take a deep breath. You are at the correct place. Octopus Inc. is a top Invitation card designing company based in Patna. We design and print invitation cards with creativity and emotions mixed in them.

All events need guests and to invite guests you need invitation cards. An invitation card is not just a card with some information, graphics, and quotes. It’s an emotion between hosts and guests. For family functions, invitation cards are given to share happiness as well as sorrow together. But for a business and company, invitation cards are used as a marketing tool. An attractive invitation card leaves your guests and visitors in an anticipated state of mind. 

At Octopus Inc., our team of best designers design and print outstanding invitation card that instantly strikes the people mind. We are a master of making all types of invitation cards for each functions like for the inauguration of a shop, showroom, business, and corporate functions, charity event, for weddings, birthdays, engagement ceremony, house warming party, school and college functions, annual day, funeral, etc. With years of experience in designing invitation cards, we know how to use graphics, texts, and colors creatively. We have a special graphic team, who can design as per your demand. Your idea and vision get effectively designed by us. We design invitation cards at affordable price without compromising on its quality and look.

We design simple as well as unique invitation cards like Wedding ScrollLift The Flap Card – guests have to lift the flap to reveal what’s inside, Pop Up Cards to surprise your guests with pop up. For the business purpose we have formal designs, short letter type design that conveys your message and information very strongly, etc.

Our team will design perfect and exceptional invitation cards which will make your function and event memorable forever.

 With Octopus Inc., Invite Your Guests In Style!


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